Month: November 2017

Augmented Reality (AR) Vs Virtual Reality (VR) – Which is Best for Future

If you have noticed, in recent times, terms like Virtual Reality, “Augmented Reality” and “Artificial Intelligence”, are thrown in more often in our day-to-day lives. These three are the futuristic technologies that are being used in the development of many state-of-the-art products. Most of us know these terms but don’t know their real meaning. Though,

Firestarter Apk Download for Android & Amazon Fire TV *Step Guide*

Firestarter Apk is an application to launch Apps on Amazon Fire TV. It is a home replacement application like Android Devices have launchers. Amazon Fire TV doesn’t have the launcher by default that’s why you will have to install FireStarter to launch applications on Amazon Fire Tv device. FireStarter is similar to Android Launchers whose main task
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