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Best Alien Movies Ever That is Freaking You Out | 2017

best alien movies
Written by Pankaj Rawat

Best Alien Movies Ever That is Freaking You Out

So, Here is The Top Lists Of Alien Movies that is freaking cool, So, We can Start the best alien movies. As you geeky peoples Know very well half of the world are fans of the sci-fi, and aliens stuff. And Now, the top alien movies are here.Finally, Start ” Best Alien Movies Ever That is Freaking You Out | 2017

best alien movie


1.Event Horizon (1997)

A group of astronauts are sent on a mission to investigate a ship–The Event Horizon–which disappeared seven years prior. The crew finds out that the ship went through a black hole and brought something terrifying back with it. The focus of Event Horizon is more on the horror elements rather than alien. It redefines what an alien can be in the science-fiction genre.



2.Alien vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)

A spacecraft brings a lethal alien to Earth, followed by another predator who aims to kill the former. Meanwhile, a bunch of survivors too split into two rivalling groups in a bid to save themselves. And also, This is the best movie I ever seen.



3.Alien vs. Predator (2004)

Alien vs. Predator is pure product, but at least it’s made by a filmmaker who knows what he’s selling. As directed by Paul W.s. Anderson (and one would imagine, conceived by the studio), AvP was designed to deliver on the promise of watching cinemas biggest, most badass extraterrestrials go to battle, and that it does. Unfortunately, it does very little else.



4.Alien: Resurrection (1997)

No small thanks to the heritage of Godzilla, there’s a long history of titanic monster mashups that traditionally make for fun B-movie thrills and cheeky self-awareness. Alien vs. Predator: Requiem is not one of those films. Even Freddy vs. Jason operates on an understanding of what fans of either franchise want to see from their favorite horror villains, but Requiem never quite grasps what makes either the Alien or the Predator so special. And Also.

Alien: Resurrection


5.War of the Worlds (2005)

According to wekipedia – War of the Worlds is a 2005 American science fiction war thriller film directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Josh Friedman and David Koepp, loosely based on the novel of the same title by H. G. Wells. It stars Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, Justin Chatwin, Miranda Otto and Tim Robbins, with narration by Morgan Freeman. In the film, an American dock worker is forced to look after his children, from whom he lives separately, as he struggles to protect them and reunite them with their mother when extraterrestrials invade the Earth and devastate cities with towering war machines.

war of the world


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6.Independence Day (1996)

A computer whiz, a hot-shot pilot, the U.S. President and a group of ragtag survivors unite to save mankind after an alien race invades Earth and destroys all its major cities. Just like old times.



7.Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

This is best of all, The film takes place twenty years after the events of the first film, during which the United Nations has collaborated to form Earth Space Defense (ESD), an international military defense and research organization. Through reverse engineering, the world has harnessed the power of alien technology and laid the groundwork to resist a second invasion.



8.Men In Black Series(1,2,3)

It was decided to make Earth an apolitical zone for aliens without a planet, and the organization broke its government ties to become the Men in Black, which became the singular force to conceal and police the aliens that came to Earth. The founding members were the 7 agents present at the landing, plus an amateur astronomer and a young man who got lost going to see his girlfriend. This last one became K, and one of the agents became his partner D. The MiB has continued since then, with Zed as its senior agent, to protect the normal citizens of Earth from alien threats and police extraterrestrial immigrants, with notable members including B, J, and L.

men in black series


9.Edge of Tomorrow(2014)

According to Wikipedia -Edge of Tomorrow (alternatively known by its tagline Live. Die. Repeat. and marketed as such on home release is a 2014 American military science fiction thriller film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Doug Liman directed the film based on a screenplay adapted from the 2004 Japanese light novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

The film begins with a flashback to the year 2015, when a horde of aliens called the Mimics arrived in Germany on a meteorite. By the year 2020, in which the film’s action takes place, the horde has spread over most of continental Europe and killed all humans in its way. Cruise plays William Cage, a public relations officer with no combat experience, who is ordered by his superior to film the first wave of a crucial landing operation against the aliens. Upon being killed in combat, Cage finds himself in a time loop that sends him back to the day preceding the battle every time he dies. Cage teams up with Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski (Blunt) in seeking a way to defeat the extraterrestrials.

edge of tomorrow



A monster movie released in 2008 co-produced by J. J. Abrams (Lost, Fringe, Alias, Star Trek, Super 8, etc.), and directed by Matt Reeves. Cloverfield follows a group of New Yorkers as they attempt to rescue the girlfriend of protagonist Rob Hawkins (Michael Stahl-David, The Black Donnellys) during an attack by a massive building-sized creature. The film is seen through the perspective of Hudson “Hud” Platt, Rob’s friend, who is carrying around a camcorder throughout the film documenting the events.

Cloverfield movie


So, There is the top and best alien movies i ever show, Best Alien Movies you need to see these movies if, you are a geeky minded person like me.


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