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Top 5 Best Clock Widgets for Android Phones & Tablets

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Written by Pankaj Rawat

Clock Widgets have been around for quite a while. It used to be one of the highlights that improved Android than iOS. Nowadays, our dependence on widgets has faded. Between better-planned applications, fast settings, Android Nougat’s application alternate routes, and all the more capable warnings, there aren’t excessively numerous motivations to have them. Be that as it may, clock widget is a few of despite everything us cherish utilizing the intermittent gadget since they can be significantly quicker than opening an application. Here are the Best Clock Widgets for Android Phones.

Android must be aware of the bountiful personalization features that this platform brings to its users. An ideal Android widget used by people from all over the world is undeniably a Clock Widget.

A widget allows basic customisation of functions like creating shortcuts and modifying the design of an interface. Most of them come free and available in plenty on the Google Play Store. But, the users do not always know which of them are good, better or best!

I have always loved the ability to add multiple widgets to my Android phone’s home screen and even though a lot of people see clock widgets as mere tacky gimmicks with little utility, no one can deny that the most useful and popular widgets for Android are those which tell us the time of the day. Yes, we’re talking about clock widgets, and today we will be listing the top 10 clock widgets you can download on your Android phones and tablets in 2017.Widgets are an iconic feature of the Android operating system. They can be used to dress up your stock Android device home screen turning your device unique and personalized for your use. Not only are they functional, most of the widgets you can find nowadays look pretty awesome. Whether you know about this or not, chances are the widget-selection process is going to take some time. That’s why we are here to help.


clock widget


Top 5 Best Clock Widgets for Android Phones & Tablets

1.Dash Clock Widget:

Dashclock Widget is one of the most enduring Android widgets out there. Even people who stopped using widgets still use Dashclock. It’s a simple, clear widget that displays information about the weather, your unread Gmail count, your next alarm, and other data. It also comes with extension support. There are a lot of them. The extensions allow for additional functionality. It’s simple but powerful. It’s also entirely free to use.


2.ONCA Clock Widget:

ONCA clock widget, which is minimalistic, clean and pretty darn cool to look at. You might find reading the time a tad difficult, but the number in the middle of the circle denotes the hour, the shaded outline of the circle tells you minutes that have passed and the orbiting blue dot shows the seconds.

clock widget1

3.Pixel Art Clock Widget:

Pixel Art Clock Widget brings many custom options with sketches and sublime colors that give life to the device screen. Besides a separate data module, it provides more than 36 shades with which you can paint the clock, including the possibility of adding a border in white around the numbers. Perfect for users who appreciate art.Additionally, use the clock drawings with eight options of illustrations, including themes like “Geek,” followed by striking elements such as Wally and Nyan Cat, and popular “Bugdroid” Marvel characters in a robotic format of Android.

Pixel Art Clock WidgetPixel Art Clock WidgetPixel Art Clock Widget

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4.Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW):

Pure customization, Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW) takes it to a whole new level. The widget app is free and lets you download preset widget skins (free and paid) and set up custom-designed clock widgets that can also show other system information like battery levels and weather.

Apart from downloading skins from others, you can also make your own on the go and design your widgets quite easily (but it’s not that easy to create stellar skins without some graphical expertise and input). Even if you don’t want to create your own though, you can find some really good UCCW skins for free.

pure customization, Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW) 1pure customization, Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW) 1pure customization, Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW) 1

5.Neon Clock Widget:

Complete info on one widget. Battery, digital reading, day and date, neon look. If you are experiencing problems, email to developer directly. Digital reading of the clock, Rainbow and Pastel Theme etc. Neon look, glowing, and great feel. Combination of analog and digital clock. Plus! It has complete yet useful additional information.

Neon Clock WidgetNeon Clock Widget


Final Words: So, this was our best list of 5 Best Clock Widget Apps for Android Smartphone and Tablet. If you have used any of these before, share with us your unique experiences down in the comments section. If you have a favorite and want to let us know about it, feel free to write to us and make a mention in public.Also, sharing is caring, and we would love for you to spread the word by sharing this article with your friends from all over the world!So, Clock Widget Apps and download Best Clock Widget Apps for Android.

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