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Create Backdoor in Kali Linux

What is backdoor? A backdoor is a method, often secret, to bypass normal authentication or encryption in an integrated computer system, product, or device (for example, a home router) or its implementation, e.g. as part of a cryptographic system, an algorithm, a chipset or a “computer homunculus” (such as Intel’s AMT technology). Backdoors are often

Amazon Affiliate Program-Earn 40k Per Month From Amazon Associates

Amazon Affiliate Program: Making Money Online In India Is Becomes A Trends Now A Days. Google Adsense Monetization And Affiliate Marketing are Best And Easiest Way To Make Some Great Money From Online For Beginners. We All Know The Online Shopping Market Is Fastest Growing With 60 % Annual Growth Rate. Amazon Is Leading Market

How To Fix “Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped” {Solved}

Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped Fix When you are playing games or open any app on your android device suddenly the error message is displayed like Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped. The error message google play service has stopped has started facing Android lollipop 5.0 and Android 5.1. If you are ignoring this