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Chat Without Saving Contact on Whatsapp *Easy*

Written by Pankaj Rawat

Almost all the people use WhatsApp daily. When you receive an unknown call from a known person and that person asked you to share so and so details to a particular number, which is not saved in your contact list. How can you do that?

WhatsApp click to chat is a useful feature mostly for web developers, companies and website owners. This feature allows people to chat with someone (through a link) on whatsapp without having their phone number saved in their contact list. This feature can be used on both Mobile and Desktop versions of whatsapp. You can prepare a link with pre-filled message and share it someone or add it to your website so that users can directly send you a message on whatsapp by clicking the link. Read the post completely while I show you the possibilities of using this feature.


Who Can Use ‘WhatsApp Click to Chat’ Feature :

  • Website owners and Companies can create a link and share it on their contact page. And users can click on the link to directly chat with the company or website owner without the need of saving their number.
  • You can also add a button in your posts where visitors can share their opinion by clicking on the button and send you a message on whatsapp.
  • You can create a link for your visitors to join your broadcast by preparing a predefining message like ‘ADD ME’ or ‘SUBSCRIBE ME TO BROADCAST’.

How to Use ‘WhatsApp Click to Chat’ Feature :

Below are various formats to use this feature according to your requirement.

Create a Link to Begin a Chat with Certain Phone Number :

Replace the x with mobile number and 91 is the country code. (+) , (-) and spaces should not be included.

Create a Link to Send a pre-defined message to Certain Phone Number :

Replace the x with mobile number and 91 is the country code. (+) , (-) and spaces should not be included.

Create a Link to Send a pre-defined message to Multiple Contacts :


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In this article, we will demonstrate you to on how to send a WhatsApp message to particular number which is not saved in your smartphone right now. Here’s how you can do that

Step 1: Type the Number in Keypad

In the first step, you need to type the number in your keypad to which you want to message. Do make a note that use your phone’s dialer itself in typing the number.

Step 2: Press the Menu Button

After entering the mobile number, you need to press the menu button in your dialer, which brings you some options such as the save as contact, send a message, etc.

Step 3: Click on Send a Message Option

Now, you need to click on the send a message option which takes you to a screen with several options as send a WhatsApp message, send a text message, etc.

Step 4: Click on Send a WhatsApp Message

This is the final step. You need to click on send a WhatsApp message and it will redirect you to the application and you can send a message to that particular number.

Note: Do make a note that this procedure won’t work with many smartphones and it completely depends on your luck.

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