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Common OnePlus 5T Problem and Fixes

common error oneplus 5
Written by Pankaj Rawat

OnePlus recently launched its latest flagship smartphone OnePlus 5T. It is the successor to the OnePlus 5 that was launched just a few months ago, and now we have the improved T variant of the same. There are a few things better on the OnePlus 5T; the Face Unlock feature is new, the camera is better, the screen is bigger and more.

With all the latest and better goodies, the OnePlus 5T seems to have a few common problems as well. Some of the common OnePlus 5T problems include camera problem, a Snapchat camera issue, battery draining issue, display problem, Bluetooth, and VoLTE issue and more.

OnePlus 5T being the hottest launch of this month might be one of the reasons why OnePlus 5T users are facing these problems as it will take a few months before OnePlus can address all the little issues and bugs with the future software update.

In the meantime, I have compiled a list of common OnePlus 5T problem and fixes that can help you temporarily to resolve any issues with your device.

common error oneplus 5

OnePlus 5T Camera Problem

This problem is not particularly with the OnePlus 5T camera itself, but when the Snapchat app is used on OnePlus 5T. Some users have reported that while using the Snapchat app, the camera is always zoomed in making it frustrating to click pictures.

OnePlus 5T camera and Snapchat problem have been reported several times on the OnePlus forum, and it looks like a software bug that needs a software patch to be able to fix.

In the meantime, you can do the following.

  • Switch off your OnePlus 5T by long pressing the power key.  Now turn it back on and open the Snapchat app to see if the problem is fixed. At times, a quick restart can fix little problems with any devices.
  • You can also try to force stop the Snapchat app and clear the cache and data. To do this go to Settings > Application Manager or Apps > Snapchat > Clear Cached Data  + Force Stop.

Some users have also reported about OnePlus 5T camera clicking blurred pictures when HDR is turned on and taking not so good low light pictures at night. This seems to be a software glitch in some OnePlus 5T devices which can be fixed with a software update.

In the meantime, try to turn off the HDR on your OnePlus 5T and see if that resolves the problem.

OnePlus 5T Face Unlock Issue

OnePlus 5T comes with a new Face Unlock feature that allows you to unlock the OnePlus 5T by scanning your face. Now this feature may not be as sophisticated as iPhone X but it works and is better than ever on any Android phone.

However, some OnePlus 5T users are complaining about the  Face Unlock feature of the device saying it is not as reliable and inconsistent at times.

What happens is that the Face Unlock feature works fine for the first few times and then it stops responding to any actions. And the user has to reboot the phone to use the Face unlock feature again.

This again seems to be a software glitch in the smartphone which will be patched with a software update. If you haven’t already updated your OnePlus 5T, then look for the software version 4.7.2 and see if that has fixed the issue.

If upgrading to 4.7.2 did not work then try removing the registered face ID and adding it again.

OnePlus 5T Battery Draining Issue

The battery draining issue is common among all the modern day smartphones, and the OnePlus 5T is no exception to it. Despite having impressive SOT (Screen Time), some users have complained about their OnePlus 5T battery draining issue.

The battery draining issues with the smartphone can be device specific and can also be due to a bug in the OS. Most of the time OnePlus releases a timely update to fix these problems through software.

However, if it is not a software related issue then you may have a faulty device or any installed app on your phone might be draining the battery fast.

If you use your OnePlus 5T as a WiFi Hotspot, then the battery will drain faster than normal. So, make sure that the number of connected devices is limited if you are using the phone as a WiFi hotspot.

Go through the list of recently installed apps. If you have installed any fancy app that glitters and shines throughout the day, then you may consider uninstalling it if not necessary.

You can also boot into Safe Mode to check if the battery draining issue is because of a third party app or if your Phone has a problem by default.

To boot into Safe Mode do the following.

Press and hold the power button to turn off the phone.

Once off, press and hold the power button to turn it on. When you see the OnePlus logo, release the power button and press and hold the Volume Down key.

Once you are in the Safe Mode, leave the device overnight to see if the battery drains out. If it does, then you may have a software problem or the battery of the device could be faulty. Take the phone to OnePlus service center to get it fixed or replaced.

If the battery doesn’t drain out when in Safe Mode, you may have a third party app that is causing the problem. So, go through all the recently installed apps and uninstall any app that you suspicious

You can also find the culprit app by going to Settings > Battery and Performance and see which unwanted app is consuming the power. Uninstall the app if necessary.

Factory Reset OnePlus 5T

If you are still facing the battery draining issue in OnePlus 5T, try to factory reset the device. At times, factory resetting the new devices can fix the battery draining issue.

This method has been confirmed to be working for some of the OnePlus 5T owners in the forum.

First, take a full backup of your data if you have any.

Go to Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset.

When prompted, select Full Erase option and reset the device.

OnePlus 5T Bluetooth Issue

OnePlus 5T users are complaining about the Bluetooth connectivity issue of the device. According to the users, the Bluetooth works fine for file transfer but while connecting the device to any Bluetooth Speaker or your car, the Audio doesn’t play at all, or if it plays, the audio stops after a few minutes.

This seems to be a software glitch with the OnePlus 5T devices. Since the Bluetooth problem has not affected all the devices, you have to wait for a software patch before getting rid of this problem.

YouTube Videos Not Playing in Full-Screen Issue

If you are using OnePlus 5T for watching video on YouTube, you may notice that the videos are not playing in full screen, but black bars are still visible that can be annoying to some.

To fix this problem what you can do is use the pinch and zoom feature available in OnePlus 5T. So, play the video on YouTube app, make it full screen and then pinch and zoom the video to adjust the size to your preference.

If the issue is still not resolved, then try to download the latest YouTube app and install it.

So these are some of the common OnePlus 5T problems and fixes. If you don’t find anything working for your OnePlus 5T device, then leave a comment below or report the issue on the official OnePlus 5T forum.

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