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Hoverwatch Review: The Best Android Smartphone Tracker : Review

hoverwatch app
Written by Pankaj Rawat

Hoverwatch is one of the best smartphone tracker app which let you spy on your Android smartphone, track location of the device and many more things. We are living the 21st century and it’s the era of technology. Each and everything is now possible via Technology. Nowadays every person has Android Smartphone, and because of hectic day-to-day life, it’s getting difficult to keep track of our smartphone. Mobile phones can be stolen very easily, and people concerned too much about it there is no specific app by which we can track our smartphone easily along with spying on it. So, I bring you to Hoverwatch Review: The Best Android Smartphone Tracker.

But now you need to worry about your smartphone getting stolen because here in this post we are going to introduce with such a product which will keep track of your Android smartphone and it will give you all the details of your Android device. Such as what is being used in your cellphone and where it is exactly. There are some other Android applications which can keep track of your device but the main drawback of these apps is that
you need to GPS and its consume battery a lot.



Hoverwatch Review: Best Android Smartphone Tracker & Spying Tool


Do you want to track all the activities being done in your Android Smartphone? Do you want to track the location of your mobile? If yes, then you are at right place. As we have mentioned above that Hoverwatch can track your device’s location even if it’s GPS is turned off. Ahh, that sounds cool. Yes, but still there are much more features of this android tool which will attract you to use it on your Android smartphone.Hoverwatch is also known as RefogMonitor.
Along with the tracking, this app can do work of Spy also. Yes, you heard it right. You can check which sites are being accessed on your mobile phone, whom calls and texts are being sent, which apps are being accessed on your cell phone. All these things can be done with the one android tool which isHoverwatch.Even you can use this tool to spy on your girlfriend or boyfriend. :4 This app is cool for parents who want to track activities of their kids.

Devices supported by Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is almost available for all type of the operating systems. You can use it in Android, Windows, Mac, etc. Here we have mentioned the minimum requirements which are required to use Hoverwatch in your device.

1. Android : Hoverwatch is available for all Android mobiles whose Android version is more than 4.0

2. Windows : Hoverwatch is available for Windows users as well as Android. While installing Hoverwatch in Windows make sure that you give it administrator permissions.

3. Mac : Hoverwatch is available for Mac users also. In Mac also you need to give administrator permissions to this app.


HoverWatch Features


Hoverwatch offers lots of amazing features at affordable prices. Hoverwatch is one of the best Device Locator & Spy Software I’ve come across till now. There are so many other applications available on the Internet which offers same features but all of them doesn’t work properly, or the one which works well costs a lot. But Hoverwatch is affordable, and it has much better features as compared to other apps. Some of the best features of Hoverwatch are as mentioned below. Have a look at them below.


Track Device Location

This is one of the best features of Hoverwatch which let us track the exact location of our device anytime from anywhere. The best part of this is that you don’t need to keep GPS turned on to track the location of the device. So if you ever lost your mobile somewhere, then you can easily track its location with the help ofHoverwatch.If you are a parent, then you can install this app in your kid’s mobile, and then you can track your kid’s location that where he/she is using the cell phone.

Spy Mobile

Another cool feature of this app is that it can Spy your mobile completely and keep track of all the activities being done on your mobile phone. This app will let you track each and everything is done in your mobile such as which apps are being used in mobile phone, which sites are getting accessed. Even you can know the text & call records with this app. If SIM Cards are being changed in mobile phone then also this app will let you know about this that SIM cards are removed from that device. You can track each & everything of your mobile with the help of Hoverwatch. You just need to install Hoverwatch app in that device and then you will be able to access all such things easily.

Parental Control

If you are a parent, then you might be worried about your kids that what they are doing with their cellphones all the day. So here is the perfect solution for you as you can track the whole activities of the mobile phone with the help of Hoverwatch.This app will let you know all the things which are being done by your kids at the real time. So this is one of the best Spy application for parents to keep the records of activities performed by their kids.

Monitor Employees

This app can be very useful for institutions where employees are working for them. Simply you need to install this application in your employee’s device. That’s all; now you will be able to track all the activities being performed by your employees. This is the best and easiest way to record the activities of employees. It will let you know all the things which your employees are doing in the absence or presence of you.

Start Front Camera

One of the best features of this app is that you can start the front camera of your device without even letting the user know and it will start taking pictures automatically. Sounds cool? Yes, it does. If you want to know who is using your device, then you can easily know it with the help of the Hoverwatch application.


Note: this is only educational purpose only so don’t use it for non-legal works and thanks to reading article.




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