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How to Hide Files In Any Image Using Command Prompt

hide file in any iny mage
Written by Pankaj Rawat

Hide Files In Any Image

Hiding files by some sort of software have been a very common way till now, but if you are looking for something different you can do it by hiding a file behind a jpg image. We have written two more Articles about hiding files or folders in Windows.How to Hide Files In Any Image Using Command Prompt.

Hello Friends Today I am going to discuss how to protect your data from anyone without using any third party software.It is very important to hide your personal data, so I tried my best for protecting your data to any others.I have also explained in my other posts some other ways.In this article, i will show you how to hide your data behind any image.
For This trick, you will need any file archiver. For example WinRAR or WinZip or 7zip.

It is a quite secure way to hide a file behind JPEG image because none will think about the existence of a file inside a jpg image. It is also free from the hazards of installing that software and consequently, nobody will notice there is a secret file hidden behind a jpg picture file.

But here I am going to introduce another interesting way. You can use this simple trick to hide any kind of files like text, mp3, exe, AVI or whatever else. Besides this, you can hide a multiple number of files behind a single jpg file. When anyone will see the picture he/she will just consider it as a picture and even if he/she double click on it then the picture will be opened as normal. Isn’t it sounds interesting?

hide file in any iny mage

To execute this task you must need WinZip or WinRar to be installed in your PC. You can download it absolutely free from the internet. I have described the whole process here.

And most important is that paste both the files on the desktop.

You may do this anywhere instead of the desktop if you have some basic understanding of the command line.

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Step 1: Convert your folder into an archive file
for example, i converted my folder into a war file name “data.rar” and I have an image named “img.jpg“.
Note-these both file must be in the same location.

Step 2: Now open command prompt and go to that location in command prompt.(shortcut-you can open the command prompt in that location by pressing shift+right_click ).Type the following command

copy/b image_name.jpg+archive_file.rar any_name.jpg

copy/b img.jpg+data.rar new_img.jpg

Your data has been copied in to image.

Now you can delete your both old files your data has been stored in the new image file.

Now, how to back up your stored data in the image file.
open the command prompt and go to that location perform this command.

copy/b any_name.jpg any_newname.rar

i.e-new_img.jpg any_name.rar
Extract that file and your data has been backed-up.

  • Replace imagename.jpg with the name of the image you want your file to be hidden behind. Don’t forget to add image format (Eg: .jpg,.png,.gif)
  • Replace filename with the name of your file you want to hide. It must be in .rar format.
  • Finally, Replace finalimage.jpg with whatever name you want your final image with hidden files should be. This is the image where your file will be hidden.
  • in my case, it will be.

Now When You Will Try to Open This Newly Created Image It Will Open As Normal Image, But to Open You Hidden File You Need Follow Steps Given Below.

1. Open Winrar

2. Now locate your image and open it or simply drag your image in winrar.

3. Extract the file and done.

How to access the hidden files

Just right-click on the file and chose open with WinRar.Then you can see the file you hide behind the picture. Another way to access the hidden file is that just change the extension of the file to.RAR and open the file using WinRar and then extract them.

Proof Screen-Shots:hide file in any any mage
hide file in any any mage  hide file in any any mage

hide file in any any mage

If you know some other process then please tell us. And Share this cool trick.

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