About Me



I am a pro “Geek”, Yes You heard Right, Be a geek – Not “Nerd”.  And This Site was Dedicated to Geeks like me and also who need some useful info and Good Stuff. I am posting very famous strategic game guide called Clash Of Clan(COC) and some latest technology news and also “HOW-TO” for All guys At world Wide.




* There are Huge Bunch Of Teens, Who are uncommonly Become “Geek” but they never know. This happens with me Also.So, I decide to Create this site for geeks.

*In here I Give You Some Useful and Good Stuff Like –


1.Tips&Tricks(PC, Android, And some online stuff).

2.Ultimate Guides For Some Ultimate Topics.

3.Trending “Officially” and “Third Party” Apps, Software And other Things.

4.Latest Tech&Gaming Updates and News.

5.Review Things That Trends Hot on WWW.


In Last: If You have any questions Like(How To, Need Help on any things on WWW,  Etc) in your mind So, feel free to Contact Me.