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Augmented Reality (AR) Vs Virtual Reality (VR) – Which is Best for Future

Written by Pankaj Rawat


If you have noticed, in recent times, terms like Virtual Reality, “Augmented Reality” and “Artificial Intelligence”, are thrown in more often in our day-to-day lives. These three are the futuristic technologies that are being used in the development of many state-of-the-art products. Most of us know these terms but don’t know their real meaning. Though, all three have brought some huge changes in the world of technology, the question “Which Technology can pave the way for the future” has been nagging our minds for a long time. Hope this article gives you a clear idea of how these technologies work and help you understand their contribution to various fields.

Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality (AR) Vs Virtual Reality (VR) – Which is Best for Future


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What is Virtual Reality?


Virtual Reality or VR is defined as “the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment”. In simple words, Virtual reality can be described as an act of taking you out from the real world and placing you in an imaginary world. With the help of VR, a person can be transported to a new environment, real or imaginary, within a few seconds. Now, this is achieved by the use of a head-mounted display or a hand-held controller. These equipment allow the user to interact and navigate through the imaginary world that’s in front of them. Virtual Reality has become more and more popular over the years and the technology is being adopted by so many fields right now. Few examples are:

Popular VR Devices:


  • Oculus Rift.
  • HTC Vive.
  • Google Daydream View.
  • Samsung Gear VR.
  • Sony PlayStation VR.
  • Go Pro Omni.

Virtual Reality is the most popular technology that is currently ruling the world. More advances and researchers are still being made in this field which can highly contribute to human lives but since it is already widespread and used by many people around the world, it can’t be the future of Technology.

What is Augmented Reality?

What is Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality or AR can be defined as “the use of computer technology to enhance our current/real environment”. Unlike VR, which completely removes us from our normal environment and takes us to a whole new environment, AR just augments our surroundings by adding some type of graphics, sounds, videos, text, etc. The main purpose of Augmented Reality is to provide real-time interaction with our surroundings. For example, imagine you are in a museum, instead of waiting for a guide to explain about each and every artefact, with the help of AR you can get every information by using your phone’s camera. Another good example is Snapchat filters where you can make changes to your normal environment by adding texts, sounds, graphics and so on. Augmented Reality is a very useful technology for humans as it can be the solution to many real-world problems.


Many companies have started to adopt AR in the development of their products. Google was the first one to venture into the world of Augmented Reality. Back in 2013, the company introduced Google glasses which a user can wear and when connected with his/her smartphone it provides information which can be viewed through the glasses. For instance, you are walking through the street, just by looking at a place or shop you can get information in it. And you have to keep in mind all these are done in a hands-free manner. The company stopped producing Google glasses in 2015 as the technology was just too advanced and gained huge criticism from people due to privacy concerns.


  • Enhanced GPS System
  • Advanced use in the field of Medicine
  • Military purposes
  • Sightseeing
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Gaming (Eg: Pokemon Go).Many guys asked me that “Is Pokemon Go Augmented Reality?” So answer is “Yes“.

What is Artificial Intelligence?


Artificial Intelligence or AI can be defined as “the technology where human intelligence is simulated on machines”. In simple words, AI can be described as computer systems that can learn, think, understand and behave like humans. Artificial intelligence is a vast field but it is mainly based on the concept of Machine Learning. Machine Learning can be described as a program written in such a way that a machine can learn and adapt on its own without the help of humans.

An example of AI is self-driving cars. The car’s GPS system is loaded with all the maps and routes, which with real-time stats can provide a smooth user experience when the car is on Auto Pilot. Tesla, an automotive company has been adapting Artificial Intelligence on its products and is making great advances in the field.

Few applications of Artificial Intelligence are:

  • Problem Solving
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Speech Recognition
  • Healthcare
  • Robotics
  • Gaming


Artificial Intelligence is already part of our life. Everyone carries a smartphone which is part AI. Siri and Google Now are machines which make human life easy. It recognizes your voice, analyzes your request, suggests you new ideas based on the request, etc. All this is because of the use of Artificial Intelligence in machines. Take Facebook for example, have you ever noticed how Facebook gives Ad suggestions based on what you were searching for in your browser. This is possible due to Machine Learning. Our phones collect data and share it with third-party apps which in turn give out suggestions based on our preferences. Though Artificial Intelligence can be a huge step in Technology, the concept is too advanced and more and more people are terrified by the fact that machines can indeed surpass humans one day.

Which is the future?

Which is the future

All these technologies have contributed in a huge way and day by day many advances are being made in various fields with their help. The main aim of technology is to make human life easy and it cannot be achieved by the use of just one concept. As I said before, Virtual Reality is already popular and more advances in this field don’t contribute much to humans. Whereas Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality are not that widespread as they are still in their experimental stage. Now Artificial Intelligence is a vast field and when more concepts are added, it can provide great solutions to all our day to day problems. Thus a combination of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence can produce mind-boggling results and it will definitely be the future of Technology.

Wrapping Up

I hope you made use of our Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality, didn’t you? In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

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