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An Application to Analyze the Security of Wireless Networks – DroidSheep Apk

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Written by Pankaj Rawat

DroidSheep App is an Android Application which analyzes the security of the wireless network, and it finds the loophole of wireless network whether the connection of wireless server can be hacked or not. It helps you to access the account of other users which are connected to the same wireless network. This app was developed to check the security of the public wireless networks.and  this is An Application to Analyze the Security of Wireless Networks – DroidSheep Apk.

Have you ever been worried about your security while using the public wireless network? Do you want to scan security of your Internet connection? So here you will need the DroidSheep application to analyze the security of your network.

DroidSheep application is developed by Andreas Koch to analyze the security of Internet network. Basically, it’s a session hijacking application which let you access the accounts of the victim who is connected to the same Wireless.

Many of you people you might be thinking that DroidSheep is similar to Faceniff which also does the work of hijacking session and accessing the accounts of the victim. But the problem with Faceniff is that it just let you access only some selected websites on the other hand DroidSheep works with almost all kind of websites.


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DroidSheep – An Application to Analyse the Internet Security of Wireless Network


To analyze the security of your wireless network you just need to install the DroidSheep Apk in your Android mobile
and then ask your friend to connect to the same wireless network and let him access his Facebook, Yahoo, etc. account.

To use DroidSheep your mobile phone must be rooted properly if your mobile phone is not rooted then this application wouldn’t work for you. So make sure that before using this application you root your mobile phone. There are many tutorials available on the Internet to root the Android mobile phone. If you are looking for the easiest method of rooting mobile then you can give a try to Poot application for rooting.

Once you have rooted mobile phone then you are ready to use DroidSheep. Below we have shared the guide of using DroidSheep in Android. Read it properly and start analysing the security of your wireless network.


How to Use DroidSheep Application


• At first Download DroidSheep Apk file in your Android mobile.

• Now go to Settings of your mobile and allow installations from Unknown Sources.

• Open the application and it will ask for root permissions, simply allow it root access and proceed.

• Kindly make sure that you have enabled the options of “ARP spoofing” and “Generic mode”.

• After that click on the Start button.

• Now wait for few seconds and it will show you active session profiles.

• Now click on the victim’s session profile which you want to access.

• Then it will show you some options such as Open Site, Remove From List and some other options.

• Click On the OPEN SITE to assecc the victim’s account vai cookies.

• That’s it, Now you can access all the accounts which are being used over the same Wireless network you are connected to.

• Note :  Kindly use this application for educational purpose only such as analyzing the security of your Wireless network. Do not use it for any illegal purpose. We will not be responsible for any loss occurs to you.


So, this is complete guide on DROIDSHEEP to hijack any mobile and aslo how to use it.Thanks for reading this.



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