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Is Google Chrome Safe Mode Really Safe?

Written by Pankaj Rawat

We all have something to hide on our web browsers whether it is your email address, history of your social media accounts or just some indecent stuff that you don’t want anyone else to see.
Google Chrome came up with the Incognito Mode that keeps your browser history safe and secures so now instead of deleting the history, you can shit to the incognito mode in private browser over the internet.

But unlike Firefox, Google Chrome doesn’t have a Safe mode feature that allows users to troubleshoot when the browser gets problems. However, as Chris Muniu explains in his article, you can launch Chrome in Safe mode by using the Incognito feature.

The main question is Google Chrome safe mode really safe? This is the question that is frequently asked by the Chrome users so today in this article we are going to discuss in detail what the safe mode has to offer and how safe is it for the private users. So here are the few things that you must know about the incognito mode before using it.

1. It is not as safe as you think

Most users who use the safe mode think that it will magically cloak their activity on the internet but that is so not true. If you read the detail of the incognito mode carefully, Chrome itself mentions that the safe mode doesn’t hide your activity from your employers, your internet service provider and of course from the federal agencies. So before you start engaging in some illegal activity or some indecent act you should know that safe mode doesn’t offer complete privacy. Your web history would be completely disclosed to your internet service provide and if the website owners also record the history of the visitors on their website then they would also be able to locate you.

2. Your IP address will not be cloaked

There is a difference between VPN services and Safe Mode services provided by Google Chrome. VPN service cloaks your IP addresses making is almost impossible for someone to track you whereas the Safe mode only hides your web history from the PC that you are using. So if the Feds want to track you through your IP address they would be able to do it if you use the Safe mode thus it is not as safe as you think.

3. Hides your web history from the PC

Even though the safe mode isn’t as safe it seems but it still has the countless number of activities. There are certain things that you want to hide from your friends or family members when browsing through the web. So the only way to make sure that your siblings or friends won’t be able to track your actions on the web is to use the safe mode. Plus you can open a new tab in the incognito mode and allow your friends complete private access to your other PC users.

4. Disabled cookies

Safe mode doesn’t allow the web browser to record your history and cookies thus this means that it also doesn’t allow various third-party sites to track your movement using the cookies which makes the site much safer for a banking transaction.

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