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Guide to Unlock your Locked Phone Using its IMEI Number

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Written by Pankaj Rawat

An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification) number is a serial code attached to every mobile device that is used by service providers for the identification purposes. For a contract based phones, which are available at low costs, the IMEI number is restricted to a particular service provider according to contract. If you wish to use such a device by eliminating all the contract based restrictions from it, you need to refer to a reliable IMEI unlock website for the purpose. So you learn for Guide to Unlock your Locked Phone Using its IMEI Number. However, to unlock the device using its IMEI number, you need to follow a set procedure, which is provided in the steps below. So lets Start Guide to Unlock your Locked Phone Using its IMEI Number :

  • Firstly, you need to know the IMEI number of your phone, which is available on the backside of your phone under the battery. Open your phone’s battery cover and then take the battery out to get the number from the sticker. There is an easy way to get the IMEI number of your device, which you can view by dialing *#06# from your device. The IMEI number of 15 digits will appear on the screen, which you should note down for further use.
  • Now, you need to find a legit website that provides the service of unlocking the IMEI number to be used with any mobile network operator. You can search from Google and refer to several review sites to check the credibility of its service.
  • After getting access to a reliable unlock site, you need to look for an unlock code from the site for your device.You can also look for the unlock code by entering the IMEI number in the search bar provided on the IMEI unlock website. You need to make a payment defined by the site, after which, you will receive the code in your email Inbox within a day or two.
  • After getting the code, switch off your phone and then remove the battery and the SIM from your device. The SIM is a white rectangular shaped card present under the battery.
  • After removing the card, insert a SIM from any other network operator in its place. After inserting the new SIM, re-insert the battery and then switch on the cell phone to proceed with the process of unlocking your device using its IMEI number.
  •  On startup with a new SIM, your phone will ask you to enter an unlock code to use the services of a different network operator. Here you need to enter the code that you received from the unlock website and then click on the ‘OK’ button. Your phone will reboot after accepting the code, after which, you will be able to use the SIM from the other network provider.

Thus, you can easily get your phone unlocked from by using the IMEI number with the IMEI unlock website. Before submitting your phone’s IMEI number or any financial information for making payment to any site, you must check for the legitimacy of the site and ensure that you are not falling prey to any fake service.


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