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Hack Password of Any RAR / ZIP File

Hack Password of Any RAR File
Written by Pankaj Rawat

Recently I downloaded a digital book from an arbitrary Website which was compacted as.RAR document. When I Tried to Extract the document, It incited a fly up message to enter the Password word to unrar the record. At that point, I went to the site again to get the Password key and to get the watchword I should need to take an interest in the online overview. it was truly disappointing so I figured is there any good reason why I shouldn’t endeavor to split the secret word of the Rar record.So Let’s Start “Hack Password of Any RAR / ZIP File”.

I discovered Quite a couple of techniques to Crack the Rar document Password and I figured I should share this on my blog perusers. So here I am with those traps, so let us begin

A RAR document is really an accumulation of records or a solitary record packed under WinRAR archiver. So as to secure the records under this, Some client place secret key into it.

Here are the approaches to break the Password key of the Rar document.

Hack Password of Any RAR File

Method 1.

Step 1:     To begin the hacking process first you need to install WinRar Hacking Tool ( Click Here For Download ).

  rar pass

 Step 2:  After the completion of download install the software and input the serial key from the text file and Launch it.

Step 3:  Now, Select the type of attack through which you want to crack the password of the file.

 In password guessing method there are few techniques to recover the password in order to save the time.

* Brute-force:   Choose this method When you know or guess the password is small. It is a trial and error method to guess the password and it is time-consuming (know more).

* Mask:  In mask attack, we know about humans and how they design passwords. Choose this When you can guess what could be the password . for example:  If you downloaded a movie from a blog the most common password could be either the full web address of the blog or the email of the blogger (Know More).

* Dictionary: choose this method when you are unaware of the password completely. This method Searches all the possible passwords words like in the dictionary. ( Know More ).
* I would suggest choosing between 3 of above-given methods.

Step 4:  
If you want to customize the schemes then do it by selecting the checkboxes. This states what terms should be included or avoided during the cracking process( a blank checkbox means to avoid and selected checkbox means included).

 NOTE: This option is not Applicable to Dictionary Attack.

Step 5:  Now the most important task, Choose the Compressed file of which the password is to be cracked . click on open then browse the folder of the file and click open after selecting the file.

Step 6: As the step 5 completes, The cracking process starts automatically. If it Doesn’t, click on start to manually start the process.
Now Have patience and Let the software crack the password. The process will take time according to the length and the complexity of the password.
Step 7:    As the Software will crack the password, it will open a pop-up message providing the details of  password.

Step 8: That’s it!  Now input the password in the raw file and you will be able to access the files placed inside RAR file.


Method 2.

Through Command prompt  : 

If you have just forgotten the password you can also make your own recovery Tool (most of us prefer integer password), that’s the beauty of Batch script. You can make any kind of tool of your own.  So let’s Start and make our own Password recovery tool through cmd.
 Note: This trick will crack the Integer password only !.
Step 1 :   open notepad ( windowKey + R > then type ” notepad” and hit enter key ).
Step 2:  In notepad, copy paste the following code:
@echo off
title Rar Password Cracker
mode con: cols=47 lines=20
copy “C:\Program Files\WinRAR\Unrar.exe”
echo ———————————————-
echo                   GET DETAIL
echo ———————————————-
SET/P “NAME=Enter File Name  : “
IF “%NAME%”==”” goto NERROR
goto GPATH
echo ———————————————-
echo                      ERROR
echo ———————————————-
echo Sorry you can’t leave it blank.
goto RAR
SET/P “PATH=Enter Full Path : “
IF “%PATH%”==”” goto PERROR
goto NEXT
echo ———————————————-
echo                      ERROR
echo ———————————————-
echo Sorry you can’t leave it blank.
goto RAR
goto PATH
echo ———————————————-
echo                     ERROR
echo ———————————————-
echo Opppss File does not Exist..
goto RAR
Del “Unrar.exe”
echo ———————————————-
echo                     CRACKED
echo ———————————————-
echo FILE  = %NAME%
Step 3:  save this file as Crack.bat (the extension must be .bat ).
Step 4: Now double click the Crack.bat file to open it.  It will prompt cmd screen like this:
Step 5: Input Full name of the file along with extension and hit enter. Then, you will be asked to input the location of the file.  Input the location ( view property of the raw file to know the location) and hit the enter key.
Step 6: that’s it, Now the process will take some time to find the password. So be patient and wait till the password gets found.
*Thank you for reading this tutorial. I hope this post will be helpful for you. 
If  Any queries feel free to comment.
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