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How to Highly Compress Files 2gb into 2 mb Using Winrar : Rar Trick

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Written by Pankaj Rawat

Are you out of space cause of high sizes files Like ( .iso, Movies, heavy game, and other software etc. ), Hence Don’t Think abuse, here I come and I well teach you “how to highly compress files using WinRAR “. Yes, this method is working well for all types of files or format.

About WinRAR

WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce a size of email attachments, decompresses RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from the Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format. You can download the trial version of the software at 

So Let I Start How to highly compress files using WinRAR You Need To Follow This Steps:

  1. Select and Right-click on the file you want to Compress and select Add to Archive option.


2. A window will pop up with various options. In Archive, name field types the name of your archive manually in the text box provided below.


3. When creating a new archive, you first need to select the archive format. ZIP is preferable when you are not sure that a receiver of your archive has WinRAR. Otherwise just select RAR, since it provides more options and higher compression.


4. There are six compression methods supported: “Store”, “Fastest”, “Fast”, ” Normal”, “Good” and “Best”. The Best method provides high, but slow compression. Fastest method compresses poorly, but it is very fast. Store method just merges files into an archive without any compression. If you want to create an archive for distribution or for long storage, It would be best to probably ignore the time constraint and choose the Best compression method to reduce the size as much as possible. But for daily backups choose Normal compression method.


5. Then follow to the image you can see the blue marks in it and simply follow them to Advanced.


6. When you Go to Advance you see “Compression…”  and then follow the image’s blue marks shown below.


Now you are done Just click on ok. And wait for 10 minutes and you will be compressed huge files like 2GB into 2MB.


You can also watch this same procedure on YouTube. I have created the video just to make it easier for everyone to learn.


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