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Why You Need Blogging In Your Daily Life : FirstPost

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Written by Pankaj Rawat

Life is very hard working , when its come on blogging , i am good about it not because i am a professional blogger cause I have will about this and also have dreams about why I need blogging in my life and hence I am here, this is my first blog post and it is awesome and also i need your opinion about my blog.
So, why I say that blogging is your daily need and this is pure true. You whole time search on the internet “how to do” and “how is done” and I am quite sure.

Need Blogging

Blog have some great parts in their role in the whole online world. From there, we get into an individual post. An individual post is supposed to help with these goals, but on its own doesn’t do all of them. It certainly doesn’t need to do more than one at a time. It can hopefully do some. But one of those is, generally speaking, a great blog post will do one of these four things and hopefully two or even three.

Many blogs are focused on the particular topic, such as web design, home staging, sports, or mobile technology. Some are more passionate, presenting links to all types of other sites. And others are more like personal journals,

presenting the author’s daily life and thoughts.

How Blogging works



1. Post regularly, but don’t post if you have nothing worth posting about.
2.Stick with only a few specific genres to talk about.
3. Don’t put ‘subscribe’ and ‘vote me’ links all over the front page until you have people that like your blog enough to ignore them (they’re usually just in the way).
4. Use a clean and simple theme if at all possible.
5. Enjoy, the blog for fun, comment on other peoples’ blogs (as they normally visit back).
6.Have fun blogging and remember, there are no rules to what you post on your blog!



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