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The Incredible Rise of the Crypto Kings

Crypto Kings
Written by Pankaj Rawat

Although the creator of the well-known Bitcoin still remains a mystery, the same cannot be said for many other cryptocurrencies out there. There are some big players in the world of crypto, many of which are very present in the field, taking part in talks and conferences on the topic.

These days, the buzz around cryptocurrencies has got pretty big, and it is for this reason that more and more people are deciding to invest time and money into the industry.

According to the crypto news website, satoshisbrain – in direct response to this interest, more shops are also starting to open their doors to the world of crypto as a form of payment. One thing is for sure though, the world of digital currency would not be where it is today without the help of some industry experts.

Some of these experts have made their fame and fortune simply by investing in the coins at just the right time, while others were wholly or partly involved with the creation of the coins.

Take Chris Larsen for example. He is the co-founder of the popular digital currency Ripple. A study shows that his company controls 61B of the 1000B XRP that are currently in supply.

Another example is a guy named Matthew Mellon. Mellon is famous in the industry not for creating a coin, but for the fact that he is a very generous individual investor. He spent $2M to acquire XRP after abandoning some of his earlier investments in Bitcoin. His crypto net worth currently stands around the $900M-$1B mark, a number not to be taken lightly.

A third great example of huge players in the industry is Valery Vavilov, who, instead of creating a new type of cryptocurrency, actually co-founded the company Bitfury, which is a startup that mines through special Bitcoin hosting equipment. Although this idea could have been met with some skepticism, since its founding the company has generated around 800,000 bitcoins to date.

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