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Top List Websites For Hackers (Professionals/Beginners)

top website for hackers
Written by Pankaj Rawat

In this post, We talk about How do you get the latest news about hacking and How to hack, learn Hacking and much more cool hacker stuffs. Hacking infected all world, so here we tell you some best websites to see live hacking.These Hacking site stats shows you live hacking and DDoS attacks around the world.This article is either for Professionals as well as Beginners.So  Lets Start Top List Websites For Hackers.

Best Websites To Visit If You Want To Be A Hacker – Everybody needs to figure out how to hack in the present age. In any case, this isn’t a simple assignment until the point that you have essential information about PCs and system security. For apprentices to know, there are two sorts of Hacking Ethical (White Hat) and Unethical (Black Hat). Unethical hacking is viewed as illicit while ethical hacking might be viewed as lawful. You might be surprised to learn just how many people want to learn how to hack. The stereotype is that of the young college guy – a computer science major for sure – who spends his evenings and weekends writing up intricate hacking scripts to break into whatever computer system he can get his hands on. Top Websites For Hackers give you direct access to see the hacking world. 

top website for hackers

Features of Hackers Websites I will Show you:

  • Live Hacking Stats Around The World.
  • Live Hacking Attacks Around The World.
  • Latest and Genuine News for Hackers.
  • Hacking Pranks (Type Like a Hacker).
  • Various Tools For Hacker.
  • Join Real Mix Hacker Community.
  • And Much More.

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Top Websites To Join Hackers and Learn Hacking:

#Hack A Day

This is great for hackers to have a community like this, with competitions, and some cool stuff.
Hackaday is one of the best sites to learn hacking news and all kinds of tutorials for hacking and networks. It also publishes several latest articles each day with detailed description about hardware and software hacks so that beginners and hackers are aware of it. Hackaday also has a YouTube channel where it posts projects and how-to videos. It provides users mixed content like hardware hacking, signals, computer networks and etc. This site is helpful for hackers as well as for the people who are in the field of Digital Forensics and Security Research.


#Hack This Site, commonly called HTS, is an online hacking and security website that gives you hacking news as well as hacking tutorials. It aims to give users with a way to learn and practice basic and advanced “hacking” skills through a series of challenges, in a safe and legal environment.


#Evil Zone

While the name, EvilZone, isn’t exactly the most inviting – it is easily one of the largest forum communities that you’ll find on the subject of hacking. With over 13,042 members and over 50,000 posts (and counting), this community likely has the skills and knowledge to answer any programming question you could possibly have. Just be careful about coming across as a “noob” – these guys don’t handle newcomers with kid gloves, so be careful.


#Break The Security

Name itself tells the motive of this website. Break The Security provides all kind of hacking stuff such as hacking news, hacking attacks and hacking tutorials. It also has a different kind of useful courses that can make you a certified hacker. This site is very helpful if you are looking to choose the security and field of hacking and cracking.


#Black Hat

According To Wikipedia: Black Hat is a computer security conference that provides security consulting, training, and briefings to hackers, corporations, and government agencies around the world. Black Hat brings together a variety of people interested in information security ranging from non-technical individuals, executives, hackers, and industry-leading security professionals.

black hat

#Hacking Loop

Hacking Loops is one of the ethical hacking websites where you will get many articles on white hat hacking. Each article on this site seems to be absorbing, and I’m sure you too will. Some of the great posts on this site are “How to stop the virus or trojan attacks”, “Game Ranger hack for the range of Empires”, “Facebook smart status update tool”, and so on.

hacking loop

Some Interesting Hackers Websites:

#Hacker News

Hackernews website gives you all latest news about hacking.Hackernews website covers all hacking news from worldwide.

hacker news


#Hacker Typer

Hackertyper gives you feel like the hacker.This is not a hacking site.This is troll/prank site.When you type any keyword on this site, this website automatically types 10 words on the website.When you tap caps lock double time this site gives the message you access denied and when you tap alt button double time this site gives you message access granted.

hacker typer

Some Real Time hacking Stats Site:

#Digital Attack Map

Digitalattackmap shows you live DDoS attack worldwide.With Ease.

live hacking

#Kaspersky Live Cyber Attack

This is owned by Kaspersky and shows all type of cyber attack.Kaspersky live cyber attack is like a google earth.

Kaspersky Live Cyber Attack

So This is ” Top List Websites For Hackers ” above are the Best Website To Learn Ethical Hacking. By these websites, you can easily learn ethical hacking by just sitting in your room and exploring the different Hacking Tricks and Tips, and you will also come to know about the vulnerabilities of many software like your browsers, antiviruses and much much more. You can become the hacker by learning hacks from these sites. Don’t forget to share this cool post.

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