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Turn Off Airplane Mode in Windows Problem Solution For Win 10, 8 and 8.1

turn off airplane mode in windows
Written by Pankaj Rawat

If you have Airplane Mode Not Turning Off Problem and Airplane Button is not working on your Laptop or PC then don’t worry in this post I am going to explain you how can you solve this issue easily. So, Lets Start ” How To Turn Off Airplane Mode Problem Solution For Windows 10, 8 and 8.1 “. and also ” Turn Off Airplane Mode in windows “.

This solution for all Laptop and Computers Windows 10, 8.1 and 8.


Method 1.

airplane mode on windows


How To Turning Off  Airplane Mode When Button is Not Working

  • Refresh Your PC By Left Click .
  • Then Look On Your Keyboard Press ” FN ” Button and hold and press ” PrtScr ” Also,
  • Remember You have to press both button in 1 time.
  • Button Short key – FN + PrtScr.
  • If it is not working then press – FN + F2.
  • If it is not working then also Try – FN + F3.

But The Most Powerful Short key is- – FN + PrtScr.


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Method 2.

Airplane mode issues can be of different ways. One might be unable to turn off the airplane mode as its toggle indicates the function is unavailable for the time being. Few users might not be able to activate the wireless connections as they are not willingly glued to the Airplane mode. And there are situations where Airplane Mode turns on automatically refusing other wireless devices to perform correctly. So, we provide you different solutions to try for the above mentioned Airplane Mode issues. So, let us head towards the main topic and see How to Fix Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10.


1. Go to Setting and click on Network & Internet category.

2. By default, you will be taken to the WiFi segment of settings on the left. Take your attention to the right pane of WiFi settings and you can witness a link Change adapter options. Execute a Press (tap) it.

3. An window pops up demonstrating your wireless connections. Make a Right-click on the wireless connection and go with the Disable option.

4. This procedure disables your wireless connection. Furthermore, right click on the same connection and strike Enable.

Then, You will notice you are able to Fix Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10. it is active and functioning perfectly without becoming disconnected itself.


This Method is working very fine, Hope you will fix it  And for more any other computer problems then comment here I’ll solve that soon .


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